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Hyaluronic Acid Injections for Osteoarthritis

(ĐTĐ) – Exercise and other physical activity is important when you have osteoarthritis (OA). But joint pain and stiffness in a knee can make it difficult just to walk, even with medication and other treatments. If that sounds like your situation, or if you can’t take oral arthritis medicine, hyaluronic acid injections may help. Tiếng […]

Should You Give Injectables a Shot for Osteoarthritis Pain?

(ĐTĐ) – A number of injectables, including corticosteroids and hyaluronic acid, are now available to treat painful knee osteoarthritis. Finding relief from knee pain can be a trying experience for the nearly 27 million Americans who live with osteoarthritis. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) help many, but these medications can have serious side effects, including ulcers […]

Corticosteroid Injections of Joints and Soft Tissues

Corticosteroid Injections Of Joints And Soft Tissues

Introduction Use of cortisone injections in the treatment of muscle and joint inflammatory reactions is becoming increasingly popular. First popularized by Janet Travell, MD, muscle injections are a remarkably effective adjunct to pharmacologic and physical therapies and are safe and easy to perform. Joint injections, while technically more difficult to perform, also can be of […] Protection Status