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Apple Cider Vinegar and Joint Pain: What Is the Connection? – Pain News

Apple Cider Vinegar And Joint Pain: What Is The Connection? - Pain News

Most people experience joint pains at least once in their lifetime and there are quite a lot of causes that can lead to such an experience.

However, it is very important that you understand joint pain properly because there are ways in which it can be treated – even when it is chronic and when the pain is recurrent.

Not all forms of joint pain can be completely cured, but there are still many management options for those who suffer from this kind of pain on a regular basis.

Joint Pain: The Causes

Joint pain can be felt in almost any joint of the human body, from the joint that connects the little bones of your toes to those in between the bones that comprise your hands or neck. As it was mentioned before, the causes can vary a lot, but here are some of the most well-known ones:

1- Arthritis (in its various forms). Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are among the most commonly known versions of this disease, but specialist estimate that there are about 100 of them.

Basically, in most of its versions, arthritis is a disease that affects the joint by making it inflamed and by causing pain in the area. Even though it is very common (with more than 50 million people suffering from it), the scientists have not yet been able to figure out why exactly do people develop arthritis to begin with.

2- Tendons are cords connected to your bones and when one of these cords gets overstretched, the movement of the joint in the area can be restricted and painful.

3- Strains and sprains. Sometimes, a minor accident can make us feel joint pain. Stepping wrongly, tripping over something and this kind of accidents are quite common and they can lead to joint pain too – not just bruises.

4- The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. There are many medical conditions that are still very much unknown to most of the people and to most of the doctors as well. The chronic fatigue syndrome is characterized mainly by extreme fatigue that has no apparent reason, but other symptoms can arise as well (and joint pain is one example).

5- Again, this is one of those medical conditions that remain a mystery to everyone, especially because nobody seems to know what its causes are. There have been a lot of theories on the topic, but no unanimous response has been given yet.

Among the wide range of symptoms one can experience when suffering from fibromyalgia, joint pain is indeed one of the most frequent ones. It is very important that you get very well diagnosed when it comes to this syndrome, especially since there are many physicians that will not even admit to the existence of the syndrome itself.

Apple Cider Vinegar and How it Helps Joint Pain

Apple cider vinegar has been a folk remedy for a long time now, but more recently people have started to take a closer look at something that may have even been in their kitchen cupboard without them realizing just how precious it can be for their health.

Many would go on and say that there is absolutely no study or evidence to show that apple cider vinegar can help people with joint pain in any way – but that is not completely accurate.

Studies have been made and people are saying that apple cider vinegar actually helped them with their arthritis-related joint pain.

Is there any truth behind this or is apple cider vinegar just another “fad”?

In fact, apple cider vinegar has many ingredients that may contribute a lot to making joint pain go away (or at least get ameliorated). Here are just some of the things that may be able to contribute to a better life for those with arthritis who take apple cider vinegar:

1- This vinegar is extremely rich in vitamins and minerals and it is a well-known fact that vitamin and mineral-deficiency can make arthritis pain be more powerful than the usual.

2- Apple cider vinegar is also very rich in potassium and studies have shown that this mineral is absolutely essential in preventing calcium built-up in the bones, which is the main cause that leads to immobility in the case of the arthritis patients.

3- It contains a lot of enzymes that are very healthy for the digestion. Believe it or not, there is research pointing out at the fact that arthritis may be caused and/or worsened by our digestion and by the things we eat. By taking 1 tablespoon of this vinegar before a meal, you will get a better digestion and you will lower the chances that your pain gets worse.

4- Last, but not least, apple cider vinegar is almost magical in the way it can absorb the toxins from the human body. It is believed that these toxins can deposit themselves in the joints – consequently causing stiffness and pain, so eliminating the toxins from your life should make for a great improvement.

If you decide that you want to try the apple cider vinegar remedy as well, then you should also know that there are two main ways in which you can do this.

You can either take 1 tablespoon of the vinegar mixed with a glass of water before breakfast (some choose to take it before every meal) or you can apply the vinegar topically on the joint that is in pain because this can also help with relieving the area.

Sometimes, nature provides us with everything we need in order to make ourselves healthy and happy – but we very often unconsciously ignore what nature has to say about the things that are good for us.

Used in moderation, apple cider vinegar can be almost magical not just for arthritis, but for weight loss and for other medical conditions as well. In fact, there are people who believe so much in the power of this vinegar that they also believe that it can fight cancer itself!


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