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International Chronic Pain Conference for Clinicians and Patients to be Streamed Live- Pain News

International Chronic Pain Conference for Clinicians and Patients to be Streamed Live- Pain News

The Inaugural 2015  TAP (Treating And Preventing) Chronic Pain Conference will be held this weekend (October 9 -10, 2015) in Arlington, Virginia.

Organized by the National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association, and the International Myopain Society, the event will be streamed live so that anyone with an internet connection, who has purchased a Live Stream ticket, can have access. The ticket not only gains you access to the show as it is happening, but also provides a code that will allow users access to a recording of the conference, for viewing later at their convenience.

Rae (Marie) Gleason, Medical Education and Research Director for NFCPA & Executive Director for the International MyoPain Society, explained, “The purpose of the conference is to give participants the access to experts and information that they’re interested in. This includes asking questions of the experts, in real time, during the conference.” She continued, “The conference is unique because it’s focused at bringing doctors and patients together, in the same room, which can be difficult.”

Among the topics discussed, will be integrative medicine and self management for the treatment of Chronic Pain, including myofacial pain, as well as other programs that can continue to educate clinicians and those suffering with pain, after the show.
“One of the exciting programs that will be discussed is the The Preventing Chronic pain campaign program offered through the University of Minnesota.” She explained, “The idea is to give patients the tools that they need to help with their specific set of symtoms – from recognition of symptoms, to the appropriate treatment for those symptoms.”
The course is available online, 2 hours every week and is intended to address the complete person, including the physical and emotional realms.
“The course is just as relevant for clinicians to learn more about prevention and treatment, as it is for those with the pain.” Says Gleason.

According to the conference’s website, the conference is intended for clinicians as well as for people living with chronic pain.

If you are a person affected by fibromyalgia or other chronic pain condition take advantage of this special opportunity to:
  • Watch and see fibromyalgia and chronic pain experts give presentations that apply specifically to these disorders
  • Learn about treatment options and new resources that can help people with these conditions improve their symptoms and live better quality lives
  • Ask questions to the experts through the Live Stream chat box
If you are a clinician here is your chance to learn:
  • More about treatment options and new techniques in approaching fibromyalgia and myofascial pain therapies.
  • From medical and scientific experts about multidisciplinary approaches including integrative chronic pain techniques, such as CBT and mindfulness approaches along with exercise and myofascial release modalities that have shown positive scientific evidence in the treatment of fibromyalgia, myofascial pain and other chronic pain conditions.

Click here to see the schedule.

For more information or to purchase a Live Stream ticket, click here.



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