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Side Effects and Complications of the Injection Procedures

The injection procedures described here are associated with various side effects, although the risk for significant complications is very low. The physician who performs injection procedures should have the training and education to recognize and treat a wide range of potential complications (Table 67-4). Advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) protocols are used in airway management […]

Medications for the Injection Procedures

Injection procedures use three primary classes of medication: local anesthetic agents, neurolytic agents, and corticosteroids. All of these medications have multiple clinical applications and are documented to be safe and effective when used appropriately. It is incumbent on the practitioner to understand the efficacy, complications, and common side effects of these agents. Anesthetic Agents The […]

Injection Procedures

Injection of medications in proximity to nerves, muscles, and skeletal structures (bursae, joints, and tendons) provides an important intervention in the management of pain and dysfunction. These medications can provide analgesia, reduce inflammation of the affected structure, and promote tissue healing directly and indirectly through facilitation of rehabilitation. Commonly, local anesthetics are used for immediate […] Protection Status